Things have certainly changed over the last couple of decades.

Not to sound like some grouchy old man, but back in my day things were a lot different.  So many of the things from our youth are now just memories and the newer generations will never know what we had to go through just to communicate with others.

I remember when I bought my first "cell phone".  Back then you only had so many minutes, unless it was a certain time of night, then it was free.  Of course, certain carriers had different deals, remember the "MyFaves" plan?

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It was so far ahead of its time and would allow you to pick 5 people that you could talk to on an unlimited basis.  Of course, you wanted to make sure that you were wise with your 5 choices back then.

All of this nostalgia got me thinking about the days gone by, and I started to wonder if a once popular way to communicate still existed here in Bozeman.  Simply put, I wanted to know if you could find a payphone anywhere in the city.

I asked around, and no one could remember the last time that they saw a payphone around town so I did what you do, and went online and did a google search.


According to the Payphone Directory, which is a website that keeps track of payphones, it doesn't seem that we have one here in Bozeman. With the data provided, it seems that the nearest payphone is in Belgrade at the Truck Stop.

Surprisingly though, Montana still has a large number of the old relics that appear to still be in use throughout the state.  Which is a little odd since New York City removed the last public payphone last year.

When was the last time you used a payphone? Send us a message on our station app.

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