It's so beautiful living in the Bozeman area and I love the Montana lifestyle, but cost of living sometimes seems a little much here. Especially, if you are trying to buy a home.
I moved in August from Northern Colorado and housing was 11% more expensive than Bozeman according to Best Places.  See how much more it costs to live in Bozeman than these western towns below:
  • Missoula is 9% cheaper than Bozeman
  • Billings is 14% cheaper than Bozeman
  • Helena is 12% cheaper than Bozeman
  • Great Falls is 20% cheaper than Bozeman
  • Boise is 14% cheaper than Bozeman
  • Kalispell is 16% cheaper than Bozeman
  • Spokane is 21% cheaper than Bozeman
See how much housing costs in these western towns compared to Bozeman:
  • Housing is 22% cheaper in Missoula
  • Housing is 30% cheaper in Billings
  • Housing is 27% cheaper in Helena
  • Housing is 46% cheaper in Great Falls
  • Housing is 31% cheaper in Boise
  • Housing is 38% cheaper in Kalispell
  • Housing is 47% cheaper in Spokane

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