This is probably the only positive thing I've seen out of North Carolina in recent weeks.

At first glance, it DOES look just like Big Sky, Montana. It even has the Big Sky Sunset title. However, this (very pretty) video was uploaded by Jim Ruff to VIMEO.

Jim had this to say about the time lapse:

No, it's not Montana but down south in the Blue Ridge Mountains. This 30-second time lapse video was shot from the Flat Top Mountain Trail on the Moses Cone Estate near Blowing Rock, North Carolina. Over 700 images were shot in a time span of 70 minutes. Besides the high clouds floating towards the northeast, there are small wispy clouds and the fog hovering on Calloway Peak which is very typical of the micro-climate of Grandfather Mountain.

Thank you, Jim, for such a pretty video! (Even if it's NOT Big Sky, Montana.)