Summer in Bozeman is the best part of living here in my humble opinion. Sure, the winter is great with all the outdoor activities it affords but summer is hands down my favorite time. THIS summer may prove to be the best we've ever seen, and here's why:

95-1 The MOOSE is turning 20 this summer and like any kid that's old enough to serve, vote but not quite drink legally yet we're planning something special. Of course I can't tell you exactly what that is yet but you already know that The MOOSE is all about the Bozeman area, the outdoor lifestyle and live music. Rest assured that all three will be involved.

MOOSE VIPs will be the very first people to hear about our grand plans with a special MOOSE VIP bulletin so if you're not already signed up to receive it GO HERE AND DO THAT.

Trust me on this one, this little shindig will be something you'll not only be attending, but talking about for months to come. So stay tuned and details will be coming soon. -Michelle