Easy, hard, cheap and expensive. The most important tasks to get done in Fall around the Bozeman area not only make your life easier, they could SAVE your life.

I'm telling you, if you haven't started on the Fall 'to-do' list yet...get on it. The stuff you need appointments for will take longer than you think. (Think at least a week, maybe two or three.)

But the good news is, lots of these things you can get done all by yourself for very little money. One of my tasks is free..it's just gross dirty.

With some good weather still working in our favor in Montana, now is the perfect time to get all this stuff done. Getting things in order BEFORE you need them or before you have a problem is just common sense. (But who likes to clean the dryer vent???)

Basic home and vehicle maintenance seems like such a no-brainer. But double checking everything is a cheap insurance policy. Clogged gutters can ruin everything under your soffits. A chimney fire can alter your entire life. A shiny car just makes ya feel good...

If you can afford it, I'm a a big advocate of calling a professional for just about major task. Getting up on a ladder to clean your own gutters isn't rocket science but it's ALWAYS a dangerous task. Unless you're 100% sure you can do it safely, call a pro.

Let me know if you need any help. I'm a car washing expert and can stack wood like a maniac.

Bozeman's Fall To-Do List

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