Keep an eye open for certain Missoula streets to flood in the coming days as the Clark Fork River above Missoula is under a Flood Advisory until further notice.

The Clark Fork River is the largest river by volume in Montana and when it's levels rise, danger follows. Not only does the water level rise, but certain neighborhoods in Missoula can be directly affected. Specifically, the Orchard Homes area.

  • WHAT: Flood Advisory continues for the Clark Fork River Above Missoula.
  • WHEN: This Advisory is in effect until further notice.
  • WATER DETAILS: Flood stage for the Clark Fork River near Missoula is 7.5 feet.
  • WHAT IS FORECASTED WITH THIS ADVISORY: The river is expected to rise once again, cresting near 8.5 feet by this Friday, June 4th.
  • POSSIBLE OUTCOMES OF THIS ADVISORY: Up to 8.5 feet, flooding of low lying areas adjacent to the river is possible.
  • Flood waters begin to flood streets in the Orchard Homes area, specifically the north end of Tower Street including Kehrwald Drive.
  • CAUTION: ALWAYS avoid driving through flooded roads and streets. Flowing water is very powerful and can often take your car off the road.

Want to keep tabs on the water levels and flows of Montana rivers? No problem. There's a really great resource with the USGS. You can check current conditions of 231 river sites across Montana. Many of the sites also give you current water temperatures.

The above site divides up it's river locations as follows: Upper Missouri River Basin, Lower Missouri River Basin, the Yellowstone River Basin, Upper Columbia River Basin, and the Hudson Bay Basin.

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