It's actually rare to get a Montana autumn that lasts longer than a week or two. It's a shame fall isn't longer around here because we get some amazing colors that take zero effort to find.

Some of the most interesting shades of orange, yellow, red, and even purple can be found on city streets...not just up in the hills. The annual fall drive on rural roads will always be the better 'avenue' for autumn displays, but it's nice to know your own downtown can put on a show.


What does fall/autumn even mean? We know it marks something, but what exactly happens when the season changes to fall? According to "This date marks the start of fall in the Northern Hemisphere and spring in the Southern Hemisphere. After the autumnal equinox, days become shorter than nights as the Sun continues to rise later and nightfall arrives earlier. This ends with the winter solstice, after which days start to grow longer once again. "

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The pictures of fall colors that you see here are all from Montana's urban areas or very close to 'downtown' areas. The purpose was to find those cool, changing colors without traveling very far. The simple route, if you will.

We've been sent pictures from around the state and the story appears to be the same: Montana is enjoying one of the nicest, most colorful autumns in years. Don't hesitate to send us a picture of your backyard hiking or car ride needed!

Montana Loves to Show Off Gorgeous Fall Colors

Everyone knows that Montana is full of beauty, but fall is a really special time of year. The only drawback is that the season often doesn't last very long. Because of Montana's volatile weather, autumn sometimes only shows it's pretty face for a week or two.

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