Fall in Bozeman never lasts long enough. It's a beautiful season that sometimes lasts 12 minutes but no matter the length, some of my favorite things to do in Bozeman are best done in the Fall. Follow me...

Getting ready for winter is CRUCIAL. As they say, "If you can't get out of it, get into it!"

5. Getting firewood and organizing the garage. OK, this one might not be everyone's cup of tea because it's a lot of work. However, anyone who has to deal with stocking up their wood burning stove for the winter understands that the gathering, splitting and stacking is incredibly rewarding. It's as if you're getting ready to hibernate and you can't allow your cave to get cold. C'mon....who doesn't LOVE a hot stove in the middle of winter. Well, that wood doesn't stack itself.

The LAST mow of the season. Anything sweeter?

4. Getting drunk and mowing the lawn for the last time. No a lot to explain here. It's about getting a good buzz on and knowing you're done with that crap for months. Enough said.

Tailgating at Montana State football games is a much loved Bozeman pastime.

3. Tailgating at MSU football games. For us at The MOOSE, it doesn't matter what the weather is doing on game day. You prepare for it and you can still have a great time. Bozeman comes together on game days with their BBQs, their warm clothes and good spirits. Go Bobcats!

Dad and I have been partners in crime for years

2. Fishing with my dad. (I know this should probably be #1 but hey....) Anyone who fishes in Montana knows that Fall truly is the best time to get out on the rivers. The tourists are gone, the dude/man/bros are back in school and if you know where to go, you've got the river to yourself.

My favorite thing to do in the Fall. Plant bulbs!

1. Planting bulbs for the Spring. This might be my favorite thing to do EVER. Wouldn't matter if it was Fall but knowing that all that work of picking, ordering, digging, and planting will pay off several months down the road with a stunning garden? It just plain makes me happy.