Pint Pass brings a unique flare to the craft beer culture in Bozeman. The app and website are free. They display what is on tap in over 40 craft beer locations in and around Montana and directions to the nearest breweries. However, the membership is the real reason behind Pint Pass.

To find out more, I called up  Jay Brooks, the marketing manager for Pint Pass, to get the low-down on what exactly Pint Pass offers its members.

Why did you decide to start Pint Pass?

The idea started with our passion and love of craft beer. We recognized that there wasn’t a good app to display what was on tap at all these breweries. Yelp has the ability to have menus, and we were like, “there is nothing like that for beer, really.” So, we decided to put [Pint Pass] together and complimented it with a membership that gives craft beer lovers benefits. Because of the unique aspect of the community and the craft beer culture, we were just like, we want to be a part of it, and we want to create something that culminates everybody’s love for it.

So it’s kind of like a library card, but you get beer?

As a Pint Pass member, first of all, it’s only $25 for an entire year, you get discounts and rewards for drinking craft beer. So, you go to Dave’s Sushi and buy two local Montana beers, you get a free appetizer; you go to 14 North and buy two local Montana beers, you get a free appetizer. On top of that, you can go to the brewery and present your Pint Pass membership, you get 50 cents off first pint and $1 off your growler. I wouldn’t necessarily call it a discount program, it’s just some of the rewards you get for being a member.

From your perspective, how has the beer culture changed around here?

I’ve only been around Bozeman for five years, but just in those five years I’ve seen probably six or seven breweries go up, and it’s just insane. This craft beer movement has been what everybody wanted it to be... It’s really cool to see.

Do you have any future plans for Pint Pass? Something you might have in the works for expanding?

We are planning on going into 13 markets here. The two we are publicizing right now are Denver and Portland, but there are going to be 13 bigger markets that we are going to launch in, and (kind of) do the same thing we did in Bozeman. So really, [our plans] are just to bring Pint Pass to very brewery-friendly cities, bring everybody together, and have a good time.


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