I can't take it anymore. There are just too many well-paying opportunities to pass up and we all know local businesses of every sector are desperate to hire additional staff. It won't be forever but money speaks to me and I'm ready to trade my off hours for an additional paycheck.

(To be clear, this writing is not applicable to everyone. I'm painfully aware that too many people are already working their tails off just to make ends meet. This particular avenue of opinion is strictly for those who may not desperately need the 2nd job, but certainly could find the time for one. Hope that makes sense.)

Like many, I had two jobs for several years when I was younger. They were both fun, fast-paced jobs working for really excellent people. Neither was in the field of rocket science but as far as working for a living...I loved those gigs.

AND I was able to save a pretty decent amount of money because I was working so much. Bozeman is a far more expensive place to live these days so why not seize this (nearly desperate) time of widespread hiring to pad the savings account again?

So. What 2nd job is this girl to apply for? It's oddly exciting, really. Unfortunately, I have zero experience in bars and restaurants but I was a barista as a teenager, before I even knew what a barista was. Mochas, lattes, foo-foo whatever...I totally dug it. My mornings flew by because it was so busy.

  • Bag groceries? My OCD mind might freakin' love it.
  • Delivery person? Did that for years. My driving record is pristine and I can parallel park like nobody's business. (Thanks, Dad.)
  • Landscaping? Season is winding down but I LOVE BEING OUTSIDE and creating beautiful spaces. It's harder work than I'd prefer but I do it at my own house all the time, so...
  • Stocking shelves? Again with the OCD brain and the hours are probably flexible as hell.
  • Answering phones? Oh hell yeah. I mean, I've been known to talk politely to people a little so that could definitely work.

The point is, I'm into it. Full-time isn't in the cards for me but it appears that even part-time job openings around here are offering some nice perks. That's an added bonus. I don't want another professional job...I have one of those.

I'd do just about anything that paid decently and had cool people to work with. High (spreadsheet) stress, crazy steep learning curves and a-hole bosses aren't my thing.

There's just never been a better time to work your ass off and stash some cash. There. I said it. Loads of choice/options and very decent starting wages. That won't last forever. Seize the chance, if you can.

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