Starting seeds indoors can be tricky. Or easy. Or both. This year is throwing me some curve balls with my seedlings.


Seedlings - late March

This year I've started some unusual suspects for me: Cardinal Climbers, Snapdragons, Petunias and Tall Sunflowers. (Normally I just go the easy route with tomatoes and peppers.)

So here's one "failure" and one success so far:

SUNFLOWERS: I've started these indoors before with good success, EVEN THOUGH they don't love being transplanted so you have to be very gentle when that time come. (The seed packets will say to just sow outside after frost, but don't be afraid!)

Starting them indoors gives them a real chance to get big outside in your garden. Our growing season is so short that often times the big varieties get the short end of the stick and die off before they reach their full, beautiful potential.

NOTE: I did plant just a few seeds thus far which sprouted, then did nothing for weeks. I tossed those and will try another round. In years past, they've always been successful???

SNAPDRAGONS: I've never started these indoors but so far, they're DOING GREAT! Every year I just buy the 6 packs of snapdragons for pots. Last year, the snapdragons were BY FAR the strongest in the baskets and the last to die of frost.

So far, these snapdragon seedlings are the healthiest and most vibrant on the sun table.

Sunflower - photo Michelle Wolfe