Every year I start plants early, indoors. Some make it to their ultimate destination on the porch outside, others become "teachable moments." These Nasturtium I grew from seed and are doing well.

Their ultimate home will be in a hanging basket outside but that's several weeks away. Probably very late May and even THEN, there will be evenings the baskets will spend the night in the garage to avoid frost.

Anyway, here are my picks for flowers that are super easy to start indoors for planting outside in baskets or pots later:

  • Nasturtium (seen below - no blooms yet but growing well)
  • Dwarf Sunflowers
  • Zinnia (one of my faves and they come in just about every color)

Getting your flowers started indoors doesn't take up much room as long as you've got a decent window nearby. It's way cheaper growing them from seed than buying packs of annuals at the stores AND you'll have the satisfaction of knowing it was all grown by you!

Starting flowers indoors
Starting flowers indoors

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