Zone 4 gardening is frustrating. Our frost free date isn't until late June, so starting seeds indoors in January might be jumping the gun a little. I don't care. I did it anyway. Here's what I've got planned:

Starting seeds indoors in January in Zone 4. We'll see about this.

This past weekend I could wait no longer. My dad and I made a trip to Planet Natural so he could pick out what varieties of tomatoes he wanted this year. (He picked "Mexico Midget" and I picked "German Lunchbox".)

To be honest, LAST WEEKEND I planted oblong red onion seeds and two different kinds of peppers.

Thai chilis and Lipstick peppers started in January 2014

I only have some large, sun drenched south facing windows to work fancy grow lights or hydroponic set up. This is going to be a delicate dance to not only get these puppies to sprout this early (sunny but cold window exposure) but keep them healthy indoors until June.

I'm also excited to see how these Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Company seeds do. It's a company I haven't used before but read good reviews about. Will keep you posted!

My 2014 starts are Baker Creek Seeds