Portions of Montana's are getting pummeled with nasty winds Tuesday. A High Wind Warning is currently in effect for some counties and High Wind Watches are in effect for others. Some areas to the west are also dealing with dangerous avalanche conditions.

A HIGH WIND WARNING REMAINS IN EFFECT UNTIL 9 PM TUESDAY EVENING. Areas in Montana that are being affected with gusty winds include East Glacier, Browning, Heart Butte, Valier, Cut Bank, Sunburst, Kevin, Shelby, and Choteau.

HOWEVER - Very gusty winds are affecting many parts of the state, not just the Hi-Line. Other trouble spots are in central Montana AND along the I-90 corridor near Big Timber.

Although gusts may reach into the 70s, so far Tuesday many wind reading have gusted into the 50s in places like Cut Bank. (Wind speeds checked via usairnet.com). According to the National Weather Service:

A High Wind Warning is issued when the following conditions are expected: 1) sustained winds of 40 mph or higher for one hour or more OR 2) wind gusts of 58 mph or higher for any duration.

NOTE: Places in central Montana have been experiencing very gusty winds on Tuesday as well. Towns along highway 200 have clocked 40+ MPH winds. (Towns like Winnett, Jordan.) Lewistown and Big Timber are also very windy. Travel with caution on I-90 between Bozeman and Billings through WEDNESDAY morning.

  • WHAT...Southwest winds 35 to 45 mph, with gusts ranging from 65 to 75 mph
  • WHERE...The Montana Hi-Line adjacent to the Rocky Mountain Front, and Southern High Plains.
  • WHEN...Until 9 PM Tuesday evening.
  • IMPACTS...Travel could be difficult, especially for high profile vehicles.
  • People are urged to secure loose objects that could be blown around or damaged by the wind.
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There is another advisory in effect for that I-90 corridor between Bozeman and Billings. Use caution if you'll be driving through the area on Tuesday. Semis and high profile vehicles will be prone to drifting.

  • WHAT...Southwest wind gusts up to 60 mph.
  • WHERE...Beartooth Foothills and Livingston Area.
  • WHEN...Until 8 AM Wednesday.
  • IMPACTS...Gusty winds will blow around unsecured objects. Strong crosswinds will make travel difficult along Interstate 90 from Livingston to Big Timber and roads along the Beartooth Foothills.
  • Mild and dry conditions could cause quick grass fire spread. Use caution with any burning activities.
  • ADDITIONAL DETAILS...Wind gusts will occasionally drop below 45 mph today.
  • Winds this strong can make driving difficult, especially for high profile vehicles.

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