I'm not sure how old this inside joke is, but it was around when I attended Montana State in the 90s...and apparently it has evolved over the years into an online landmark on Google Maps. Hilarious.

OK. So where do I start...please chime in if you have a different memory of the "Montana Arboretum and Gardens". (Makes me chuckle just typing those words. I think we just called it 'The Arboretum' back in the day. Maybe 'The Trees'. I don't know.) It's basically just a stand of trees. That's it. It ain't no Hoyt Arboretum in Portland.

Anyway, let me be clear: there is no real Montana Arboretum and Gardens. You WILL find it on Google Maps, marked on the campus of Montana State University, just north of Johnson Hall...but it's not what you think.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Yeah, there are trees in that spot and a rock garden but it sure as hell isn't an arboretum by any stretch of the imagination. Finding it on Google Maps makes me think that one of my stoner college friends must be the one who created the online landmark. Very confusing.

The best part of this inside joke, non-existent arboretum is the Google Review I found. Here goes:

R.M. (5 stars) "Not much to say here. Shaded area, easy going, lots of squirrels and birds. Come here with your most recent existential crisis, crippling superiority complex, conflict avoidance, lack of self-awareness, or even a combination if not all of these traits. Leave being even more of a narcissist after coming to the conclusion that you are not the problem and everyone else is."

To make matters even weirder, this (at least) decades old joke of a landmark even has its own Wikipedia page. I'm SO confused.

So can YOU shed some light on this inside joke? Do just old stoners know about this? Before the days of Google, did YOU know about "The Arboretum" or is this the first you've heard of it?

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