Have you been sneezing the last week or so, as I have been? Springtime is mud and dirt season around here. This year it's in full force. What can you do if it bothers your system?

Unfortunately, there's no way to avoid the dust clouds around the Bozeman area these days. It's the price we pay for more dirt on our roads than chemicals...a trade I'm absolutely willing to make.

I WILL say that when the time is practical, the City of Bozeman crews do an excellent job of street sweeping. It's an ongoing process, not just a one-and-done sweep.

If you're sensitive to the dirt and dust particles in the air, there are a couple of inexpensive things you can try for relief.

LOCAL HONEY - What a great reason to grab some locally produced honey? The Gallatin Valley has a few purveyors of honey so getting LOCAL honey isn't difficult. It is thought that a teaspoon of the stuff can help you develop resistance to local pollen and other elements in our region.

APPLE CIDER VINEGAR - I'm NOT a fan of this stuff solely due to the taste but a few friends swear by it in the Spring. A spoonful in a glass of water (or whatever you want to mix it with) is all you need. It apparently slows down our natural production of mucus. Less dirty snot, I suppose! Yuck, but apparently it works.

CHANGE THE CABIN FILTER IN YOUR CAR - Almost all vehicles have a cabin filter and it's RARELY changed. But I highly recommend it. (One of our vehicles does not have one, so check your owner's manual before you spend an hour trying to find yours.) They're generally located behind or underneath the glove box. Changing the cabin filter ensures you're keeping the air circulating in your car as clean as it can be.

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