If a picture is worth a thousand words, we have questions. Bozeman real estate that is listed on Realtor.com all have their own set of pictures. We're curious about a few of the decisions that were made.

It's funny...after finding one odd picture while looking up a particular property, we stumbled upon several more in a matter of just a few minutes.

For instance, in all the years we've checked Realtor.com listings I don't think we've ever stumbled upon a pictures that deliberately had a person hanging out in the house. (We've blurred the face for privacy but she's got a HUGE smile on her face and looks super happy to be in the picture.)

BZN Realtor - Person - Tom Clark Realestator Group

This one made us giggle a bit. Perhaps because there's no way we could afford a Canada Goose jacket, let alone 15 of them in one closet. Notice the logos on all of the coats in the closet!!! That's quite a statement to make (although the property in question is a fancy penthouse in The Village downtown.)

BZN Realtor - Canada Goose - Alicia Ward Small Dog Realty

This next one prompted our resident OCD friend to shiver. Seems like a harmless picture of a kitchen, right? But wait. Is that dirty broom actually RESTING ON A COUNTER TOP? Ew. Kinda gross.

BZN Realtor - Dust Broom - Bonnie Martin Heart of Montana

We need this pillow. And maybe the cat. Where do we get a giant avocado pillow? As for the cat, we just thought it was cool they put him in the pictures. Most people do not include animals in any of their real estate photos. This cat is probably our kind of people.

BZN Realtor - Avocado Cat - Kristie Kirby Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Montana Properties

With this next one, all we can think about are those commercials on "how not to become your parents" and the guy making fun of cutesy 'Live, Laugh, Love" signs. THIS particular sign seems beyond. Who needs a sign in the bathroom that says "FLOSS"? It's almost as silly as "WIPE".

BZN Realtor - Floss Sign - Kathy Simkins Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Montana Properties

OK, one more for good measure. It's another bathroom issue. Perhaps it's not an issue and more people than we would have guessed need their own personal library of reading material in the bathroom. Something to glance at? Sure. But this is a commitment to literary variety for the room's patrons.

BZN Realtor - Magazines - Bryce Sullivan ERA Landmark

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