In a world full of podcasts, it's nice to find some good ones "close to home". Montana has several decent podcast offerings so if you're looking for a fresh, local one...check these out.

  • BREAKFAST IN MONTANA - A podcast focused on Montana based books and stories. Books that helped define the American West. Discussions with authors and details about the stories themselves.
  • MONTANA POLITICS - Fairly self explanatory, this Montana Public Radio offering covers the latest in Montana based politics, issues, problems, bills and current affairs. Everything from school sports to veteran's affairs to death benefits and taxes are covered.
  • MUSICIANS' SPOTLIGHT - Hosted by one of our favorite Montana musicians, John Floridis. B.B King; Alison Krauss; Lyle Lovett; Wilco; Brandi Carlile have all been guests on this podcast. Talking musician to musician, John is able to bring out great stories from his famous guests. Local Montana musicians are also featured on his podcast.
  • MONTANA MINT SPORTS - Hosted by Bear Tycoon and Hot Take Nate. You'll get good coverage of MSU and U of M sports along with Big Sky Conference news. Somewhere in there you'll also find the great Montana Trivia Championship.
  • MONTANA LOWDOWN - A broad array of topics that affect Montana are covered by host John S. Adams, founder and editor of Montana Free Press and the star of the documentary film "Dark Money,"

If you know of another, often updated Montana based (or focused) podcast...please let us know. We'd love to add to this list as we're introduced to more. As long as the topics discussed affect Montana in a significant way, we'll include it.

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