Don't feel weird. You are NOT alone in your hankering to get stuff going or at least organize your seed collection. Montanans who like to garden are all in the same boat this time of year.

Most people I know (myself included) have already placed a seed order or two from their favorite catalog. One of my packages of happiness has already arrived...and even the mailer it came in is cool:

Baker Creek Seeds package
Baker Creek Seeds package
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As I've said many times before, ordering seeds and gardening accoutrements is MUCH cheaper than therapy so, go ahead. You do you.

There are many fine local retailers that will be getting their spring seed collections in soon if they haven't already. Just in case you're not in a position to shop locally or can't get to the store due to COVID-19 protocols or something, here are a couple of my favorite online seed retailers:

Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds: (based in Mansfield, Missouri) I've always had very good luck with this brand in all ways. Interesting varieties along with well-known classics, high quality, fast delivery and longevity. You can also find this brand of seeds in local retailers on occasion, BTW. (Plus they sent me a freebie packet!) This site also has a wide variety of flowers and veggies. They're super quick to send your order. AND, they have smaller packets for less money on many of their best sellers. That's nice for those of us who have small areas or container gardens.

It's actually a great idea to get yourself prepared EARLY for gardening season. Why? In the last couple of years, more and more people have taken up the hobby. That's a cool thing but it also can create some shortages of the basics like potting soil, seeds, dirt discs, etc.

Other than storing your seeds in a cool, dry place, there's no need to worry about 'getting stuff early'. It's not like it will go bad. Go ahead and stock up on what you'll need so you're ready to rock when the time is actually right :-)

New for me this year: I am going to start a few cold hardy things pretty early. We finally de-cluttered the storage room/laundry room/breezeway that stays quite cool. It has a nice south-facing window but since it's right next to the garage, it never gets very warm in there. I'll keep you posted!

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