As we are all aware, Bozeman got snow, duh. How much snow did we get? Somewhere between 4-8 inches. Each area had its own way of displaying it's beautiful white scene. Some lame power outages happened, but in the end, the snow is beautiful.

Some accidents were reported mostly between Bozeman and Livingston, this video may show you how the roads looked after the first snow. Everyone always said, "the drive from Livingston to Bozeman in the winter can get a bit dangerous", I understand now what they meant by that. Check out this great quick timelapse video of Bozeman's first snow.

It's a bit crazy to think that on Saturday this deer was enjoying some football and tailgating and just a couple days later, kids where sledding down the hills in town.

I love seeing the joy on the kiddos faces. I mean, who doesn't love a good sledding day? I remember being little and flying down the hills, crashing into each other, face planting it into the cold snow and getting up and doing it all over again. Such good times!

Photo by Brendan Beale on Unsplash

With snow most likely sticking around for a little while, I think its best to take advantage of the beauty, and the somewhat warm temperatures. Take caution when driving, as always, and slow it down just a bit. Not all these people know how to drive in the snow, so us that do, we shall pray for patience!

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