I should probably disclose that I'm not very good at math. That being said, I'm having a hard time figuring out how a bear mom and cubs managed to climb and stay in a very fall tree where they appear to defy gravity.

Based on the video description, a lady was out for a walk when she came upon some bears. She added this:

I immediately came upon a momma bear and her two cubs walking across the path. They made their way to a small cottonwood and scrambled to the top in 10-15 seconds! The cubs hung out while momma started pulling branches towards her and eating the buds.

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Watch the high wire act that this bear family put on paying special attention to the large mama who is perched on some very thin branches.

Bear With Us (incredibly clever site name btw) mentions that a full-grown bear can weight up to 1,600 pounds if it's a brown bear. Black bears are normally slightly lighter coming in between 600 and 1,000 pounds.

The main tree branches that mom is sitting on only look a few inches in circumference. If I tried to pull that off, gravity would have me spiraling to the ground in seconds. I know I'm not as heavy as a bear (or at least I hope), but wow. That's some real bear gymnastics there.

Imagine being a bird flying around and looking for a tree to land on and seeing this. Nope.

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