At least I wasn't that person that cleared the shelves of toilet paper and cleaning products. I did, however, stock up on some of the least necessary items ever. And booze.

I won't lie...I was pretty panicky at the beginning of this COVID-19 pandemic. None of us knew where this was headed, what was safe and what wasn't AND we hadn't experienced a "shut down" before. At the time it was perfectly normal to ask "what the hell does that look like?" and "what should I actually buy?"

Cleaning products? Sure. Paper towels? OK. What stores stay open under a lockdown? Do quickie marts count? What is actually essential? (Turns out a hell of a lot more than I would have thought.)

For me, it wasn't difficult to decide to stay home as much as possible. Not hide under the covers, but basically stay the hell out of the way and stay healthy. I had to go to work every morning but once I could head home to finish work, I did. Still do. (We're not done with this thing.)

Snack food? Health food? Cans of chili? Mac 'n Cheese for months? How much cat food should I buy? Is the cat going to panic snack too? Can the cat get COVID? Who is this person I've turned into?

Now that we're 7 months down the road, I'm realizing that my brain may not work the same way as most others. Toilet paper wasn't top of mind...but here's what WAS top of mind for me...

Weird Stuff I Stockpiled for COVID-19

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