You've probably heard about local bar "compliance checks" by the Bozeman Police Department in recent weeks. Here's the lowdown:

Bozeman Police partners with Montana State University Police to continue alcohol enforcement compliance checks.

In a continuing effort to ensure businesses throughout Bozeman are not serving alcohol to persons under the age of 21, Officers from both the BPD and MSU conducted compliance checks at 21 local businesses.  Our two agencies partnered in this endeavor by recognizing that underage drinking and alcohol abuse are safety issues that negatively impact our community, both on-campus and throughout the city.

As in the past, a 19 year old female without any identification attempted to enter each business and order an alcoholic beverage.   We are happy to report that of the 21 businesses, 19 businesses were in full compliance, refusing to allow her to either enter; order or purchase alcohol.

In two instances where violations occurred, the bartenders were issued citations for violation of Montana Code Annotated 16-3-301(Unlawful sale of an alcoholic beverage to a person under 21 years of age), with a penalty of up to 6 months incarceration and/or $500 fine.  The violations will also be reported to the Montana Department of Revenue which oversees liquor licensing and with repeated violations, could sanction the business owners who also face a revocation or suspension of their liquor license and/or related civil penalties up to $1,500.

The following businesses were in full compliance:

  • Thriftway Super Stops, 621 W. Main
  • Loaf and Jug, 717 W. College
  • Loaf and Jug, 1910 W. Main
  • Albertson’s Grocery, 200 S. 23rd
  • Town Pump West, 2607 W. Main
  • Casey’s Corner, 4135 Valley Commons
  • Rosauer’s Grocery, 3255 West Technology Blvd
  • Spectator’s Bar and Grill, 19 Tai Lane
  • Safeway Food & Drug, 1735 W. Main
  • Holiday Station Store, 1935 W. Main
  • Smith’s Food & Drug, 1400 N. 19th
  • Grantree Conoco, 1417 N. 7th
  • Best Western Grantree Inn, 1325 N. 7th
  • Cat’s Pa, 721 N. 7th
  • Mixers, 515 W. Aspen
  • The Scoop Bar, 712 W. Main
  • Haufbrau Bar, 22 S. 8th
  • Casey’s Corner Store, 1211 E. Main
  • Zip Trip on East Main, 1210 E. Main

The following businesses failed to comply and two employees were issued related citations:


  • Molly Brown, 703 W. Babcock                      Heather Barsness (37)
  • The Filling Station, 2005 N. Rouse                Hans Norstrand (41)

This enforcement action is a continuation of our “zero-tolerance” stance on abuse of alcohol. According to a recent National Survey on Drug Use and Health, 86.1 Percent of persons approaching their 21st birthday had used alcohol in their lifetime, with 62.8 percent initiating use before their 18th birthday.  Part of our agencies focus on underage drinking involves helping address some of the consequences of underage drinking.