What is Bass Monsters? Friday, July 8th and Saturday, July 9th, Wilsall, Montana will be packed with the best in bass music, dancing, drinks, camping and more. Lasers? Light show? Yes and yes.

Bass Monsters 2022 might be just the thing your crew needs to really get in the groove of the Montana summer. Never been to an event like this? We've got a list of PRO TIPS BELOW to make sure you have the most fun.

There will be on-site parking and camping as well as dancers, aerial artists, flow artists, workshops, live painters, vendors, food and more! Gates open at noon Friday.

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Bass Monsters 2022 lineup

Alcohol will be available on site served by The Bank Bar in Wilsall, Montana. IMPORTANT: BRING CASH as cards will not be accepted. Call service is spotty at best at the Bass Monsters location.


1. Bring shade, it's a wide open area so there aren't any trees. Imagine camping at the Gorge.

2. Carpool to save money on the parking passes. You can have up to 4 people in a car per pass and it's good for the environment.

3. Bring ear protection or pick up free ear plugs at the admission table. The sound system we're deploying is very loud and your hearing is very important. Tinnitus and hearing loss is irreversible.

4. There is no cell service at the site so make sure to bring cash for food, drinks and vendors. There are ATMs 5 minutes away if needed.

5. Don't bring any glass please, security will have to confiscate any glass bottles for the safety of the event and to ensure the land isn't left with broken glass on it. We don't want to have to take your nice bottles of hooch, lol.

6. Since it'll be pretty darn hot all weekend, a great way to stay cool is by using spray bottles and hand fans. There will be free water on site for attendees to refill their containers and spray bottles.

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Bass Monsters rules

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