Last Saturday was Portland Oregon's version of the World Naked Bike Ride. World Naked Bike Ride is a globally observed event among hard-core bikers designed (get ready for this) to promote the use of bicycles for transportation. Nothing entices me to ride my bike more than seeing a naked person on a bike. That could be the number one thing you don't want to see anyone doing naked.

One cyclist said "it is all about saving the environment". The local group that sponsors the event, SHIFT, said it is "a light-hearted protest against fossil fuel". All about the environment? You kind of take away from your message when your bike seat is shoved up your (you know what). No? I mean honestly. Nothing light-hearted about this protest. You can't protest too effectively when no one even wants to look in your direction.

Since the World Naked Bike Ride started in 2004, only four other cities (San Francisco, Seattle, and Boulder and Black Rock City in Colorado) have celebrated it every year. Hey, I'm all about the message. More of us should do our part to preserve the environment, but I'm not in agreement with the way it was carried out in this instance. Just one man's fully clothed public opinion.

If you're still confused or curious about what exactly the bike ride is you can see clips on YouTube