Bozeman is a town that seems to be genuinely concerned with it's environmental impact. With that said, very few people seem to use old fashioned push mowers....even on very small lawns.

Why push mowers are better
Why push mowers are better

Every once in a while I'll spot electric mowers around town but the vast majority of lawn maintenance in Bozeman seems to be done with gas powered lawn mowers.

That's why I thought I'd try to make the case for the good, old fashioned, no motor push mower. Here goes:

10. Cost of the machine - It's just a simple fact that the more simple the machine, the less it will cost. Non engine push mowers cost less than $100 whereas gas mowers can cost several hundred.

9. Most lawns in Bozeman aren't that big - (Just skip this one if your lawn obviously merits a big ass mower, BUT....) You and I have both seen slightly larger than postage stamp size green spaces being mowed by oversize machines. Time saved? I doubt it, especially when the space is really small.

8. More personal satisfaction - I'm not going to lie. Using a push mower is bloody hard even on a pretty flat lawn. I saw a few bad words every time I'm dealing with the grass but somehow when it's done, a genuine sense of satisfaction comes over me. Checking that chore off the list feels pretty great.

7. Mowing becomes a great workout - This one goes without saying since you're using nothing but "you power". When your life gets so busy that exercise falls by the wayside, bust out that push mower and go to town. You'll be sweating bullets in no time.

6. No fossil fuels necessary - Absolutely no use of gas or oil - a bonus for Mother Nature.

5. No excuses like "I don't have any gas" - Excuses are the death of any chore, large or small. Having a push mower removes at least a few excuses about getting started.

4. Your neighbors might think you're a little badass - Let's face it, you are a little badass.

3. Your neighbors will NEVER ask to borrow it - Seriously. Nobody wants to use it. My neighbor once asked "to try it" while he was having a beer in my driveway just to see how hard it was to mow.

2. It won't break/It's easy to fix - There's no motor so nothing major can go wrong with the thing. I've yet to sharpen the blades but when it's time I can do it myself.

1. There's an element of danger - Exposed blades, beer and flip flops. I'll eventually lose a toe.


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