I was out with a group of friends last weekend, a camera was handy, and so was an awesome idea. Someone mentions a game of sorts they used to play in college, taking "theme pics". This picture is what we would look like if we just walked in on our parents having sex.

The rules are simple, anyone can randomly blurt out a theme and everyone acts it out for the next picture. So in this picture someone said, "you just walked in on your parents having sex". Someone may say, oh I don't know, "you just woke up duct taped to the back of a donkey in Mexico" and everyone offers their interpretation for the picture.

You'd be surprised at the different, hilarious poses and faces you get out of them. What's great too is not remembering what the theme was for each picture when you look back the next day. They make for some random, embarrassing facebook tags. Just a little suggestion to help mix things up next time you're out with friends!