I quit doing drugs a long time ago but hear me out...There's a buzzing, blossoming tree in downtown Bozeman that may actually be the center of the 'vibrational universe'. Whatever that actually is.

Springtime around the Gallatin Valley is beautiful for many reasons but one of my favorite welcoming signs are the hundreds of blooming trees, CHOCK FULL OF BEES. It's an incredible thing to stand underneath one. The colors, the smell, and the sounds are all at their apex.

Photo - Michelle Wolfe
Photo - Michelle Wolfe

This gorgeous, old cherry tree sits right outside our studios in downtown Bozeman. You've driven by it hundreds of times and right now is the best time of year to pull over, get out of the car and stand under the old girl. It's incredibly peaceful in a world gone mad.

Really, the best part about these trees is that the bees love them. They go nuts for them. This morning there had to be hundred of bees just going about their bee business, sticking their faces in as many tiny blossoms as they could handle.

We all know how important bees are to everything that grows, but it's not often you get to safely surround yourself with them and just enjoy their happy buzzing. Dare I say it's a reassuring and relaxing feeling? The hundreds of bees aren't going to bother you a bit. They're busy.

So there you go. My 'relaxation tip' for the day. If not this tree, find your own tree. They're all over the place and they're all starting to bloom. It may not be the center of the 'vibrational universe' but it might be the place that gives you a few minutes of peace today. Enjoy!

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