Nothing is happening as fast as we'd like but progress IS being made. Testing and distancing are still top of mind. Be on the lookout for home-made outdoor fitness courses at your local park.

Daily Update / Tip: The Governor of Montana has mentioned that a plan for a gradual “re-opening” on a phased basis is being considered and generated. It���s important to note, however, that physical distancing will continue to be an important component of the first couple of phases in any re-opening plan. That notion was reinforced by the Health Officer of the Gallatin City-County Health Department during a press briefing last Friday. While specific plans have not been released yet, we’ve been told to expect them to resemble a dimmer control knob as opposed to an on-/off light switch. Since Covid-19 is a truly “novel” and highly contagious virus, such an approach makes a lot of sense.

FAQ: Q: If I’m experiencing some symptoms consistent with Covid-19, but I am not aware that I’ve been exposed to anyone who has the virus. Should I get tested? A: Call your doctor and follow her/his guidance. The Gallatin City-County Health Department recommends that symptomatic patients get tested so they can get a clear picture of the impact of the virus on the community.

Pulling Together: Bozeman Health and Montana State University have collaborated to create the equipment and the protocol to provide on-site Covid-19 testing for healthcare workers and first responders. The tests will take place at Bozeman Health’s various sites and clinics. This unique partnership not only allows for rapid testing of those who are most likely to come into contact with the virus, performing these test locally also relieves the load for the state testing lab in Helena.

What Can I Do? Staying fit is important at all times, but it’s especially important to make sure your body is equipped to help deal with any viruses or illnesses that come your way. To help, some local athletic clubs have been offering online workouts for the public to stream. This weekend, some of my neighbors created a multistation fitness course around the local park with signs showing which exercise to perform at each station as you walk or run along the perimeter of the park. The QR codes (scan with your phone’s camera feature) provide a link to videos describing three options for each exercise. Thank you, neighbors!

Fitness Course

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