If you're looking to add a tree to your landscaping, consider one of the prettiest trees that grow well in Bozeman - a Japanese Lilac tree. It's not the same as the all the lilacs you'll find around town...but it smells wonderful and it's a real "tree" tree.

Japanese Lilac Full

Mine is currently in bloom and there is NO PLACE I'd rather be than in a chaise underneath it. It smells so wonderful and the bees LOVE THIS TREE.

This tree was here when I moved in so I'm unsure how old it is. It's about 15 feet tall and it doesn't seem to have grown taller in recent years.

EVERY YEAR on or around the first day of summer, it begins to bloom just as a typical lilac bush. (But Japanese Lilac trees bloom later than typical lilacs so it's a wonderful extension of that peaceful scent.)

  • Japanese Lilac trees are much larger than the typical shrub
  • Varieties of Japanese Lilac trees can grow anywhere from 15 feet to 30 feet tall
  • Blooms later in the year, typically early Summer
  • Deciduous (so it loses it's leaves in the Fall)
  • Blooms are very fragrant, white or cream in color
  • GREAT FOR POLLINATORS!!!! Butterflies, hummingbirds and bees love these trees! (Note: the bees NEVER bother me at ALL when I'm sitting under the tree. They're far too busy doing their bee stuff.)
  • Native to Japan (duh), but they grow quite well in our Zone 4 climate


Japanese Lilac Bloom

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