I walk by this sculpture at The Emerson in downtown Bozeman all the time. Artist John Banks pulled a fast one and it's gorgeous when you see the brilliance. (This piece is a part of the Gallatin Art Crossing.)

The Gallatin Art Crossing can be found all over downtown Bozeman. You'll find info on all of the artists and pieces HERE.

John Banks is based in Henderson, Nevada. His sculptures and work often use a "perspective" aspect.....meaning you have to look at the piece in a certain way to see the statement.

When you casually walk by The Emerson, you might notice this:

Sculpture 1 - Artist is John Banks

However, when you take a few steps West.....you see the "ART"

Sculpture 2 - Artist is John Banks

So the next time you have a guest in town, walk from east to west on Babcock.......see how long it takes your guest to notice the "ART".

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