Call me whatever you want but I hate shopping for other people. Myself? Love it. But I know exactly what I like. You? I'm not really, absolutely, positively sure about what YOU like.

Hence, when it comes to getting Christmas gift.....I save myself about 14 million hours of work and mental strain....Downtown Dollars its it. Heck, it doesn't even matter what time of year it is. They sell them all year long.

Best part? I don't have to be concerned about my money being spent in a way that would piss off an OWS protester. You have to spend those Downtown Dollars in, well, downtown.

They are sold at the Downtown Bozeman Partnership Office located at 222 East Main Street, Suite 302 or you can call the office at 406-586-4008. Dollars can also be purchased at the ERA/Downtown Visitor Center at 8 East Main Street. You can also purchase Downtown Dollars at First Security Bank’s downtown location at 208 East Main Street. They can be purchased at any of the teller locations inside the bank or at the drive thru locations.