The Gallatin Art Crossing just got a whole lot cooler! The program aimed to beautify downtown Bozeman now has a spiffy new website full of great information about the dozens of sculptures you see around town.

Ever wonder what the spin-able stone near the corner of Bozeman and Main is about? Click here and read all about the artist, Pete Stecher, and even ask the artist questions. Using the new interactive map on the Gallatin Art Crossing's website, you can locate 'Turning Stone' and browse the other 50+ sculptures and see their locations and hi-res photos.

Do you have a favorite sculpture? Vote for it in the Peaple's Choice Awards. There are four scultpures holding this honor including my favorites: 'Tortoise' near Helly Hanson and 'Turning Stone' near the intersection of Bozeman and Main.

The Gallatin Art Crossing is also responsible for possibly the coolest looking electrical boxes in the nation! Have you seen the art on the electrical boxes? Did you know it was a huge collaborative effort between artists and people wanting to keep Bozeman beautiful? It's called the Downtown A.R.T Project and you can see all of the boxes and their art right here.

About a month ago, the Gallatin Art Crossing installed an information kiosk constructed of a recycled Bridger Bowl chairlift pole in the Soroptimist Park, on the south west corner of Rouse and Main. Here you can see a map of the sculptures around Bozeman and soon there will be a mobile app so you can take the tour with you on your phone!

I could go on and on because I'm a huge supporter of the effort the Gallatin Art Crossing is putting into making Bozeman even better than before. I think the old saying goes something like, "We should all aim to leave this world a bit more beautiful than when we arrived."