We reported last month at least two major online seed catalogs had paused all ordering due to overwhelming demand and cumbersome COVID-19 protocols. As of now, those issues seem to be resolved.

This is excellent news for those of us who like to get a head start on the upcoming gardening season. Just ordering seeds and getting them in hand is the most important step! (Plus, IMHO it's good therapy during the cold months of January and February.)


At least two of the major online seed companies had put ordering on hold in January. (Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds and SeedsNow.) We found that worrying...was there some sort of seed shortage? Are people hoarding seeds for the coming year? Are seeds the new toilet paper?

Although delivery is taking much longer than normal, orders are now being taken and delivered. My order took approximately 3 weeks to arrive. No biggie.

The official statement on Baker Creek's website states:

Notice: Orders are now delayed. We are currently experiencing an extremely heavy volume of orders. Coupled with staffing challenges due to COVID-19, this has unavoidably created significant delays in shipping times. By ordering seeds, you acknowledge and agree that delivery may take up to 30 days in the USA (and up to 60 days for customers outside the USA).

My seeds arrived in perfect condition in the normal USPS mail so no concern there. This year I ordered some goofy stuff that's I've never tried before. Strange cherry tomatoes, odd zinnias and atomic red carrots! Should be an interesting 2021 gardening season.

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