I love being outside planting things, maintaining the lawn and enjoying flowers bloom all Spring and Summer. Come Fall, however, it's time to put things to bed and it isn't nearly as much fun. Unless you cheat, every single year.

This trick that I use every year isn't rocket science. You may already be doing this too which makes you a genius in saving time AND getting ready for next year!

Fall Clean up baskets

The trick? HAVE A DESIGNATED AREA EACH YEAR TO JUST DUMP EVERYTHING. Dirt, plants, small branches, leaves and all.

The picture below is the space I'll be using this Fall. It's an unused corner that is already surrounded by railroad ties. (If you don't have something framed, no big deal but you COULD easily frame it yourself with rocks or wood.)

Fall Clean up planter

First I dump all the annuals and their dirt and smash them all up. I use pretty good organic dirt when they're planted in the Spring so it's still pretty decent dirt now.

THEN, I sort of "replant" any perennials into the pile that I may have grown in pots. (I do that a lot so they're mobile during the season.) This way, they'll come back NEXT year in their new, permanent home!

Fall clean up perennial
Fall Clean up pots