No more bargain for you, old man. You'll be paying 'yer fair share for a Senior National Park Pass from now on. It USED to be $10. No more.

US citizens, or permanent residents 62 years or older, are eligible for the Senior Pass, and if you ALREADY HAD ONE, you're good. It's valid for your lifetime.

However, if you just turned 62 and were looking forward to your $10 lifetime Senior Pass, you'll now pay $80 ... the same price the rest of us pay for an annual pass.

This bums me out.

I think older Americans deserve their "senior discounts," early bird specials and cheap National Park Passes. Being retired (and usually on a fixed income) should come with as many small pleasures as possible. And EVERYBODY loves a bargain.

To be clear, this massive price increase is for the LIFETIME Senior Pass. Seniors are still able to purchase an ANNUAL National Park Pass for $20.

New legislation states that the cost of the lifetime Senior Pass be equal to the cost of the annual America the Beautiful – The National Parks and Federal Recreational Lands Pass, which is currently $80.

Photo Credit: Ranger Joy Guffy
Photo Credit: Ranger Joy Guffy




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