Some counties are under a Winter Weather Advisory for snow with up to 4" possible in some higher elevations. The Bozeman area may experience a messy Friday morning commute.

For the Gallatin Valley, we COULD see up to 3" of snow overnight but at the very least, it's going to rain and/or snow a bit and drop into the 20s Thursday evening and Friday morning. That may create dangerous driving conditions during the Friday morning commute.

Plan ahead with some extra time and slow down. (Keep in mind lots of people have already removed their winter tires!) Locations further east such as Red Lodge and the Beartooth Foothills are expected to get more snow that the Gallatin Valley.

  • WHAT: There is a Winter Weather Advisory in effect for snow
  • WHEN: This WWA is in effect from 4pm on Thursday afternoon until Noon on Friday 4/23.
  • WHERE: Two areas will be affected more than others: The Beartooth Foothills and the area surrounding Red Lodge, MT.
  • HOW MUCH SNOW: Up to 4" of fresh snow is possible for the Red Lodge and Beartooth Foothills area. The Bozeman area may see 1" to 3" of fresh snow.

Use caution if you need to travel through these areas during the Advisory period. It doesn't take much snow for road conditions to deteriorate quickly. (Roads, and especially bridges and overpasses) are expected to become at least slushy if not slick and ice covered.

Spring weather in Montana is unpredictable as we all know. Keep that emergency kit stocked in your vehicle all year long! Turn on your lights and slow down when you encounter poor conditions. Be safe out there...

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