It never fails. As soon as winter begins, I start daydreaming about gardens blooming and pots full of fragrant herbs on the front porch. However, we've got a ways to go before seeds should even be started. Didn't stop me from ordering a bunch of seeds for the upcoming season though!

(photo Michelle Wolfe/KMMS)

There are three places that I will always try to order my seeds from because they are non-GMO and mostly heirloom varieties. All three are online but one gives us a local option with a retails store in Bozeman!

All three are great options for high quality seeds and gardening needs, but all three offer different specialties.

This year I was on the hunt for Glass Gem Corn Seeds.They're beautiful but mostly ornamental. MUST HAVE THEM. Have them I shall.

(Don't ask me what the 1,500 year old Cave Beans are. They were found sealed in New Mexico. If they were good enough back then, they'll be good enough now.)

Seeds - Unique rare seeds

Atomic Red Carrots? Yes, please. And Watermelons that taste like mangoes? Why not.