Southwest Montana isn't the only region to get wet on Monday afternoon. Yellowstone National Park is getting fresh snow and by Tuesday afternoon, 6 fresh inches of snow may fall.

There is currently a "Special Weather Statement" in effect for the Yellowstone National Park area and the Cody Foothills.

Snow is falling and will continue to do so through Monday night until Tuesday afternoon.

Use caution if you are travelling in the surrounding areas, as snow will probably accumulate and create slushy roads and sloppy driving conditions.

There is also a Winter Weather Advisory for several counties in south central Montana through Monday evening for snow. 

Snow is accumulating but only a couple inches is expected to fall by late Monday evening.

Towns included in these Winter Weather Advisories: Boulder, Helena, Stanford, Two Dot, Harlowton.

These areas in Montana will also experience sloppy driving conditions through Monday evening. Some roads may become slick after dark as temperatures drop and snow becomes compacted from vehicle traffic.

Springtime weather in Montana and Yellowstone National Park changes rapidly and drastically. Warm temperatures and calm skies can turn into a spring snow storm in just a couple of hours. Always carry appropriate safety equipment in your vehicle, especially if you need to travel through rural areas.

Cell service can be very spotty, so check your battery life often and avoid being in remote areas for too long if your vehicle isn't very reliable. A breakdown can take much longer to address and become dangerous quickly if weather is moving in.

Anytime you need road conditions, dial 5-1-1. That number works in any state in the U.S.

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