Spring has official begun and Cardinal Climbers starts are doing well in a sunny living room window. Bozeman's never ending struggle of trying to balance a short growing season and starting things too soon inside is a fun challenge for me.

I always start easy things like basil and other herbs but I also try to start something a little more difficult.

Cardinal Climbers are difficult in the sense that they generally like much warmer temperatures than Bozeman can offer them during the growing season, although I HAVE had luck with them outside in containers with a trellis or stick tee-pee.

With that said, the successful ones were "baby-ed" indoors for many weeks (even a few months!) before going outside. They're well established by the time they ever spend a night outside.

The profusion of small, but brilliant, red trumpet shaped flowers begin to appear in mid summer, and continue blooming into fall. Finely cut, feathery, deep green foliage is attractive in appearance, growing on dark stems.

Cardinal Climber are native to North America, Asia, South Africa and the West Indies.

They are members of the Morning Glory family.

If you'd like something pretty and a bit different for Bozeman, give them a shot. But get going now so your starts are big and strong enough to be enjoyed this summer.

They're easy to grow inside but it doesn't take long for them to vine, as you can see below.

Cardinal Climber starts
Cardinal Climber starts

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