Dream of traveling to someplace crazy for no reason? Let's go. Kayak has one of my favorite functions that says we can go to China next week cheaply. (Cheap for going to China, anyway.)


Tis the season for Wanderlust! With the first real snow advisory in effect don't feel badly about searching cheap flights outta here. Bozeman will forgive you.

Who doesn't spend a little time searching how far their savings will take them? I certainly do.

Rarely do I book something as serious as a trip to China but I have been know to book a trip to Mexico or Central America at the drop of a hat. (My folks were expats for several years so that helped.)

If you're schedule is flexible, you can find some FANTASTIC deals on international flights. The only flaws I've encountered are unrealistic stays (too many or too few days) and some pretty over-the-top layover times.

I found that by spending a few more dollars, better options opened up.

Here's the most interesting and reasonably affordable airfare I found today on Kayak.com. This is the EXPLORE function that I absolutely love.

(screenshot from Kayak.com/Nov 2015)
(screenshot from Kayak.com/Nov 2015)

Now you've got a new time waster at work when you need a break. It's a pretty cool travel tool and obviously you can check flights from any city.

Good luck and let me know if you're into Shanghai next week! I found some pretty decent hotel options....



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