Good weather and more time at home made for a very successful garden this year. Flowers seemed healthier with bigger blooms, fruit trees were bountiful and my veggies were packed with flavor.The Gallatin Valley is classified as Zone 4b, which can challenging. The weather can be our best friend or biggest enemy. (One hefty June cold snap and your season can be over before it begins!)

I'm certain that spending a lot of time at home helped out a lot. When you're home more, you won't forget to water. Or get too busy. Or be in Europe for 3 weeks. Whatever.

But even if you're limited on time, there are so many things that grow well here. This year just seemed to be a gold medal growing year.

If you decide to plant strawberries, remove some of the runners throughout the season or your strawberry plants will take over your yard. They grow well here. If you have room for a raised bed, that's the best choice. I have had a lot of luck just growing them in decent sized pots.

Strawberries need full sun to produce maximum fruit.

What Grows Well in a Bozeman Garden

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