I almost charged a UPS truck (it was brown too, and in my territory). I ran a board meeting at US Bank. I was mobbed by a kindergarten class on the street. This is the true confessions of the Moose.

Gripping objects is near impossible, but I managed to wrap my hooves around the St. Jude sign and walk downtown. I was spreading the word about the radiothon our sister station, XL Country was doing.

Do you know how hard it is for a moose to walk upright?!

My palmate antlers (thanks internet) make it hard to walk through doorways. My "mask" made it impossible to walk into one bank. It's just my head, I thought, but being a moose, I was unable to talk to the agitated bank personnel.

Other than that, everyone smiled and waved at me. Waving is one of the few ways I can communicate. I mastered waving, nodding, dancing and staring. I tried giving thumbs up, but I have no thumbs. Instead, I gave hooves up.

I saw antlers on display in one downtown business. Please don't take mine. They are firmly attached to my head.


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