Most of us don't look this nice when we rake but pay it no mind and get those leaves together, as Fall Leaf Pick Up in Bozeman begins on October 26th. There are two different areas, with two different schedules. We've got them here!

Depending upon where you live in the Bozeman area will determine how late in the schedule you land.

I remember raising hell with the Mayor a few years back because my NORTHSIDE leaves never got picked up before the first good snowfall.

He gave me some line about they start on the southside because they have higher elevation and the leaves fall there first. Hooey.

  • Starts October 26th with completion contingent on the weather.
  • Accommodate No Parking and Street Maintenance Signs.
  • Leaves only, no brush, yard or garden waste..
  • Starts October 29th with completion contingent on weather.
  • Leaves must be bagged in paper compostable bags and put on the boulevard a few days prior to the pickup date
Fall Raking (photo Michelle Wolfe)
Fall Raking (photo Michelle Wolfe)

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