The next time you visit the 6-Mile Drainage, it's going to look different. But after the devastating wildfire this summer, at least you're allowed back in. Details from the Forest Service here:

After the marked change in the seasons the final closure in the 6-Mile Drainage of the Emigrant Fire (part of the Miner-Paradise Complex) was lifted on Tuesday October 22nd. 

The Emigrant Fire affected the road and trails in the burned area and created additional safety concerns for people to be aware of.

Visitors can expect rolling boulders and rock slides, falling trees, unstable or hollow stumps, changed water crossings in this and other burned areas.  Repair and rehabilitation work, including tread work, seeding, fencing, and bridge repair/reconstruction are scheduled for this coming spring and summer. 

“With the threat of fire in this area behind us we are pleased to re-open this drainage,” said District Ranger Alex Sienkiewicz.  “That being said this is a recently burned area and visitors should be more diligent than ever when assessing their personal safety and consider changing their plans if necessary.”

For more information, please contact the Livingston office of the Yellowstone Ranger District at Highway 89 South or by phone at 406-222-1892.  For more information on the Gallatin National Forest, visit them on the web at


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