“Don’t let Montanan’s Go to Sleep Hungry” is a statewide food drive to benefit the Montana Food Bank Network.  The next live, televised event will be at the Sleep City store in Bozeman on January 18th.

People are encouraged to bring cash or check donations along with non-perishable food items to the Bozeman Sleep City store, 8247 Huffine Lane.  People are welcome to drive by to drop off donations, or come right in the store. The food drive will be held from 5:30am-12:00pm on Wednesday, January 18th.

Representatives from the Montana Food Bank Network will be available to help unload cars and accept monetary donations. There will be live coverage by NBC Montana  as well as many special guests from the Bozeman area. People will also be able to make donations over the phone by calling 800-991-4463.

All food donated at this event will go to the Gallatin Valley Food Bank in Bozeman.  MFBN will receive any check or cash donations.


This year long food drive has raised 9,259 pounds of food and $23,526 for hungry Montanans!