Before we get into the season of honest and from-the-heart daily "thankful" posts, I'll share with you an interesting but thought provoking conversation we had the other day.

We really WERE talking about various important life things that have been orbiting our lives lately...certainly not idle chit chat:

  • One friend is dealing with her father's failing health
  • One friend is becoming a grandmother any minute now
  • One friend who is insanely responsible, educated and intelligent can't find full time work and she's been trying for 6 months
  • One friend is breathing a sigh of relief as her last doctor's appointment declared her 'cancer free'

I'm sure we can all agree that there are truly important things in life that we occasionally take for granted. It's healthy and human to talk about our 'stuff' with friends and family. Amazing perspectives are unearthed when you allow others into your own personal hurdles.

If your friends are anything like mine (and I wouldn't trade mine for the world), you can't talk about serious stuff all day. We have to be crass. We're sometimes fairly crude, and we certainly don't take many things seriously in life. The above issues aside, of course.

LET'S LIGHTEN UP A BIT THEN! Before launching into this holiday season of heavy stuff, ask yourself this:

What is the most 'first world' thing you're thankful for and would much rather not live without?

Mine? Paper towels....

Paper Towels

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