The Badger Fire has burned more than 43,000 acres since Saturday. Mandatory evacuations were ordered for the Rock Creek Canyon and South Hills area and more evacuations were made by the Twin Falls County sheriff. The winds picked up to 50 miles an hour causing the flames to fuel more and making it more dangerous for crews. They are unfortunately expecting some homes to catch fire and burn even though they are doing what they can to stop it. There are 50 to 75 homes in Rock Creek Canyon and the fire is less than a mile from them.

Would you quickly evacuate or stick around as long as possible? Some residents left as soon as it seemed iffy at all and others stayed behind in their homes as long as possible.

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Here is a map to get an update on all of the Idaho fires that are currently burning. Even though Bosie isn't close to any fires we are certainly getting stuck with smoke. Some light showers and wind today helped but we need more to clear the area. Many sporting events in the Treasure valley that finally got to get started again after Covid put a halt on them were canceled but this time because of the smoke.

Our neighboring state Oregon had the worst air quality in the world but after rain and wind came through yesterday they cleared up quite a bit and now the air is breathable again. Keep thinking all of those good rain vibes and lets hope that we can get through this with no more fires.


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