One of the things I love about living in Bear Canyon is the large amount of wildlife. There's little that separates man from wild. Since I've lived there, I've had bears in my front yard, birds stuck in my wood stove, 30+ turkeys crossing the road, large herds of elk and deer, and bobcats. You name it, and it's most likely wandered into my yard a time or two.

Yesterday, when I got home front work, my landlord's wife stopped me as I was coming down the driveway. She told me that there was a skunk trapped in the milk can on their front porch, and asked if I could help her out. Now, I've never been one to walk away from a challenge, so I told her I'd help.

First, we had to figure out how release it without being sprayed. Here's where my inner MacGyver comes in. I found roughly a 30-foot piece of bailing twine and carefully tied it to the handle. I stepped away as far as I could and gave it a good tug. The milk can fell over on its side, but the skunk was being stubborn and wouldn't come out. He sat there for about 30 minutes before finally slowly climbing out and walking up the mountain.

Gotta love adventures with wild animals. Check out the video below:

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