The Bozeman Ranger District has issued a ban on target shooting which includes paint balls year round. This takes effect on April 20th.

This is a safety issue for such a heavily used recreation area and drainage system.

According to the official Press Release:

The Hyalite drainage receives more than 40,000 visitors monthly in the summer and over 20,000 visitors monthly in the winter.  It is the most heavily recreated drainage on National Forest System lands in the state of Montana.

On April 20th, 2016 the Custer Gallatin National Forest will implement an expanded interim target shooting restriction in Hyalite Canyon to address public safety issues and resource management concerns.

The restriction will remain in place year-long, includes all of Hyalite drainage south of Bozeman, Montana (roughly 34,000 acres), but will not affect hunting. 

Target shooting is an appropriate use of public land in areas where it can be done safely.  There are over 3 million acres of the Custer Gallatin Forest, where people may continue enjoying target shooting.

If you have any questions about the above statements:

For additional information, please contact the Bozeman Ranger District at (406) 522-2520, the Custer Gallatin Supervisor’s Office at (406) 587-6701 or visit us online at

Palisade Falls above Hyalite Reservoir. Photo by Michelle Wolfe/KMMS
Palisade Falls above Hyalite Reservoir. Photo by Michelle Wolfe/KMMS


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